Lambda Psi Rho Fraternity relentlessly works to achieve the ideal standards of a gentlemen by fostering leadership, service, academic, and social endeavors for all of our members through the ideas of the First Eleven. On top of the skills, work, and success of all of our members, the fraternity is striving to expand its' brotherhood across the nation. We are currently seeking interest to expand our fraternity and to colonize our ALPHA CHAPTER!

If you believe that you qualify to bring this distinguished fraternity to your campus, please feel free to get into contact with the head of our expansion program. We would enjoy the opportunity to get to know you and your goals. We would love to assist you in your journey in establishing a chapter of the fraternity at your campus.

Lambda Psi Rho builds upon three pillars:


Lambda Psi Rho enables all of its members to have leadership positions and opportunities to build confidence and success. We acquire the skills needed for success in school and in life. Success in both builds confidence for speaking, presenting, and leading in every aspect for your and career.


When one accomplishes a goal, all of us accomplishes it together. Members of the fraternity emphasizes the importance of being bold, daring, and challenging, so that we can be at the highest level of prestige possible. Our vision is to tap into our potential and instill the idea of being humble and rooted to ourselves.


The most important thing to have is respect. Respect is the prime trait of any gentlemen. To earn it is to show it, and Lambda Psi Rho instill this pillar to the highest regard for all of its member. From school to service and into our everyday lives, this pillar will always be exemplified.

How to Start?

Getting in contact with our head of expansion is the first step. We are open to all inquires, so please do not hesitate. Each school is unique and have different requirements to begin a club/group/organization. So we ask that you do a little research on how you can begin such group on your campus. From there, we will assist you in the steps on establishing chapter status through national recognition. From interest group to colony, to chapter status, it is the goal that you get national recognition by means of chapter status. Due note that since each campus has different requirements and procedures, that we also reserve the right to alter parts of the expansion process to meet our constitutional requirements and those requirements. With that being said, we recommend a group of determined young men to begin the expansion process, who can maintain good academic standing in accordance to their respective campus rules.

Contact: President.lambdapsirho@gmail.com Executive President Head of Expansion